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We will help you to:
successful products, services & business models
to unlock growth
for business reinvention
Why work with us?
6 reasons why your business will accelerate circular transformation fast and successfully
We talk business
Having years of experience both corporate and entrepreneurial we understand both natural and business environment
We don't judge
Transformation is hard, we know it! A lot's of waste can be generated in your business
We understand technology
With engineers onboard and science passion we can be a partner for discussion for your technical team
We build, not talk
We take a lead in building and scaling new products, services and business models for you, especially those disruptive ones
We guide through change
We've run through many difficult transformational processes - we can lead change management for your team
We bring experience
Been there, done that - we've worked on innovation projects from digital products, through medial equipment on demand business model to silk factory circular transformation
Poor innovators are limited by constraints. Great innovators use them as a springboard.
How can we help you?
Innovation Culture & Capabilities
Help to build internal capabilities and innovation culture with dedicated programs, tools and initiatives focused on generating, testing and launching new business concepts

Innovation strategy & mapping future scenarios
Mapping and analysing factors, including social, economic and political shifts helps to build scenarios of potential futures, new business models, alliances and value chains.
Transformation & re-Design
Based on changing behaviours and rapidly accelerating digital transformation I can help to design or improve:
  • products, services and experiences
  • business models
  • processess
  • management and collaboration practices
  • behavioral protocols for covid business continuity
Opportunities Discovery
You will gain understanding of shifting behaviours, new priorities and habits to address them with concepts of new:
  • products
  • services
  • business model
than can upgrade you company portfolio with new, diversified profit sources
Venture building
Building and scailling new, sucessful business concepts
What we do? 3 x C
We assist and support our clients to develop a winning sustainability strategy with our 3xC pillars
How we CHANGE companies?
We guide companies towards Circular Economy supporting in 6 main areas
Circular Strategy & Audit
We conduct circularity assessments of your sector, value chain, or product and recommend sustainable strategies that can bring additional benefits to your business. We support C-levels to understand and capitalize on the circular transformation
Circular Projects
We help to design and development of various circular projects
    Trainings & Workshops
    We provide tailor-made trainings to help you create a circular roadmap for your company and to engage internal and external stakeholders around your vision. Accelerate your company with our circular design sprint
    Circular Accelerator
    We help to discover - prototype - build - test new circular products, services and business models in 100 days
    Scouting & Matching
    We look for relevant partnerships, rebuild value chains, implement technologies and startups
    Marketing & Communication
    We deliver and perform complex communication strategies and educational campaigns for sustainable offering across different sectors
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    Currently we are looking for:
    -> Junior Project & Community Manager (Warsaw)
    -> Junior Innovation Designer (Warsaw)
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